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The companies often hire employees with just a face-to-face interview session and don’t even practice proper verification. It is just because they are in a hurry to hire employees. The human resources department in any company relies on the given documents provided by the candidate, but that is not enough if the company is hiring an employee for the long term. Pre- and post-employment verification is needed from a private detective company to avoid any fraud, forgery, or other complications 

What is employment verification?

Employment verification is a simple process in which a company or a private detective company investigates the pre- and post-professional life of an employee. This verification includes past working experience, qualifications, professional behavior, and the environment they live in. Employment verification is important to analyze the trustworthiness of employees.

The importance of employment verification

To enhance a career, maintain a good lifestyle, take care of health and fitness, have family responsibilities, and maintain a fine bank balance, a good job or a growing business is needed. Whether it’s a business or a job, one can compromise with its security. An employee should verify the company’s status so that their time or career will not be compromised, whereas a company should also perform pre- and post-employment verification by a private detective company so that the company’s reputation will not be jeopardized.

Below are some of the reasons why employment verification is needed:

  1. Fabricated resume: A fabricated or fake resume includes fake companies or positions that cannot be verified. Altered experience and qualifications that cannot be verified, and the references are untraceable.
  2. Criminal record:Employment verification is important to check if the candidate is clean in terms of their criminal record and any other legal actions by the previous companies.
  3. Background check:A background check, including family status and residential verification, is important to know if the candidate is a resident of the mentioned address.
  4. Behavior:If the company notices a long absence or sudden behavioral changes in an employee, a post-employment verification is needed.

Pre- and post-employment verification

Before hiring a candidate for short- or long-term employment, pre- and post-employment verification is needed by a private detective company to get to know the candidate better. The majority of companies only do pre-employment verification through documentation and hire the candidate accordingly, but verification is something more than that; it also requires an analysis after the joining of the candidate; it can be after a month, six months, or when something seems suspicious about that employee. Verification investigation is not an easy task; both pre- and post-employment verification require experts with professionalism. Only an investigation company can understand what constitutes pre- and post-employment verification.

  1. Pre-employment verification: Pre-employment verification by a private detective basically starts with a background check. This process includes contacting candidates’ previous companies to verify their history. Contacting the HR departments of the previous company to get other relevant information. The analysis of the documentation provided by the candidate to the company includes a resume, education documentation like mark sheets and degrees, ID proofs, residential proofs, family, and previous CTC’s.
  1. Post-employment verification: prevention of unlawful activities, noticing suspicious behavior, and sudden long absences are some of the reasons why post-employment verification is necessary. A regular post-employment verification is important to know if the employees are maintaining a lawful office environment or not. This verification includes investigating the reason behind a long leave period, health and fitness-related information of the employees, or if the candidate is suspicious of engaging in other employment even after being in compliance with company policy.


Conducting a full-fledged pre- and post-employment verification is quite difficult for the company itself, as it demands time, effort, and investigation knowledge. This is the reason why it is important to hire a private detective company so that a full verification can be done on a company basis without hampering the working environment. Hawk Eye Detectives provides one of the best services for pre- and post-employment verification and guides you on how a company can conduct a routine check on its employees as well.

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