Cyber security private investigator: roles and features

cyber security private investigator

The job of being a cyber security private investigator can be considered a roller-coaster ride, as the profession demands intelligence, smart work, expertise in cyber crime and security, and most importantly, the qualities that an investigator should have. As the world goes digital, crime too goes digital. The diverse digital ecosystem gives birth to cyber crimes, which can harm anyone personally, professionally, and most importantly, financially. To boost security and safeguard a person from cyber fraud, a skilled cyber security private investigator gets hired to investigate what happened behind the screens.

Understanding cybercrime

Cybercrime can be simply defined as a criminal or offensive activity that is conducted by an individual or an organization with the use of computers, computer networks, or other networked devices. Though there are different motives behind cybercrime, money is the reason behind most of them. Data theft is also a prime factor in cybercrime. Cyber security private investigator work on these cases to crack them and find the reason behind them. There are types of cybercrimes on which skilled investigators work.

Below are the types of cybercrimes:

  1. Email and internet fraud
  2. Theft of finances, most popularly payment cards,
  3. Corporate data leakage
  4. Cyber extortion
  5. Ransomware and cryptojacking
  6. Illegal gambling or the sale of illegal items online
  7. Cyber terrorism
  8. Phishing
  9. Online slander
  10. Cyber stalking and harassment

Who is a cyber security private investigator?

A cyber security private investigator is a skilled, smart, and professionally trained investigator or detective who investigates and reveals digitally oriented crimes. It is not just about stealing a few financial assets; because of cyber crime, millions and billions of dollars are lost every year due to cyber attacks. A cyber security private investigator has a combination of two different skills, such as detective techniques and cyber security skills. There are certain skills that a cyber security private investigator must have.

Below are the detective and cyber security skills that collectively make an investigator a skilled professional in cyber security:

 Cyber security knowledge

  1. Computer forensics and information security
  2. Linux and consumer electronics
  3. Hard drives and a forensic toolkit
  4. UNIX and malware engineering.

Cyber-investigating skills:

  1. Security information and event management.
  2. Threat hunting
  3. Anomaly detection
  4. Counter intelligence

Types of cyber security private investigators

As cyber security investigation is a diverse profession, there are various posts and fields of expertise in which these investigators work. Below are some fields of expertise in cyber security private investigation:

  1. Geek Squad agent
  2. Network analyst
  3. Information security analyst
  4. Security analyst
  5. Security engineer

Roles and responsibilities

 From finding cybercrime evidence to testifying in court, a cyber security private investigator has some diverse roles and responsibilities to handle while investigating.

  1. They analyze networks and computer systems that are used in the crime.
  2. Recover hidden or damaged data.
  3. Gather evidence through networks and computer systems.
  4. Prepare technical reports.
  5. Knowledge of law enforcement and testify in court.
  6. Work in a multi-jurisdictional and cross-jurisdictional environment.
  7. Recover password-protected files.
  8. Work on various software applications that are used in cybercrime investigations.
  9. team-leading skills to guide them throughout the case.
  10. Reconstruct cyberattacks.

To conclude, we can say that a cyber security private investigator who works for a cyber security private investigating company has expertise in various private and public cyber securities. They have different roles and responsibilities with quality knowledge and professional skills. Hawkeye Detectives is one of the top cyber security private investigator in the city.

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